The path to the EU Taxonomy is not yet clear. We are here to help.

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What is the EU Taxonomy?

The EU Taxonomy classifies economic activities based on their environmental sustainability footprint. A growing number of companies must check whether their activities are EU Taxonomy-eligible and EU Taxonomy-aligned.

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Who is affected?

Today's taxonomy reporting requirements apply to financial institutions and public companies. From 2023 onwards, a large range of private companies will also need to report under the expanded scope of the CSRD. This means that more than 55.000 companies will need to report on the EU Taxonomy.

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Why care now?

As part of the EU Green Deal, the goal of the EU Taxonomy is to redirect capital towards sustainable activities.
Companies who start reporting now will get early access to green financing and investment opportunities.

At Briink, we are paving the way for easy EU Taxonomy reporting.

Our team of experts has put together a white paper to get you started on the Taxonomy. Get it today for free.

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