Go from ESG analyst to ESG strategist with AI.

With Briink, you can extract and analyze unstructured sustainability
and ESG data from any document in an instant.

Become an ESG strategist, thanks to AI.
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Auto-populate ESG questionnaires with the power of AI.

ESG due diligence doesn't need to be a time sink. With the ESG Questionnaire Assistant, you can fill out those loooong questionnaires in a matter of minutes.

A better way to analyze ESG documents.

The ESG insights you need are just one question away. ESG Doc Chat enables you to analyze meaningful sustainability data from multiple company documents in an instant.

With ESG Doc Chat, you can extract information about the ESG profile of a company in seconds.
Briink's ESG Policy Screener helps you find the gaps in your social and governance policies

Do your social and governance policies check all the boxes?

Our intelligent Good Governance Screener performs a robust materiality assessment and identifies gaps in your social and governance policies, to make sure you didn't miss anything.

Tomas van der Heijden, CEO & Co-Founder at Briink
The future of ESG lies in the collaboration between AI and ESG professionals: leveraging the strengths of each to drive sustainability, transparency, and positive impact.

Tomas van der Heijden

Co-founder & CEO of Briink

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have more burning questions about Briink? Visit the FAQs in our knowledge base.

What sets Briink apart from generic AI tools?

Unlike generalist language models and tools, Briink is designed specifically to gather and understand ESG and sustainability-specific data.

Preliminary tests show that Briink is about 20% more accurate compared to ChatGPT when it comes to ESG and sustainability-related questions and tasks. It is also significantly less likely to hallucinate when confronted with ESG and sustainability-specific questions.

What is ESG Questionnaire Assistant?

The ESG Questionnaire Assistant allows you to create custom ESG questionnaires and fill them automatically by simply dragging and dropping your company documents, such as Annual Reports, Financial Statements, CSR Documents, etc. Learn more.

What is Good Governance Screener?

Briink’s ESG Policy Screener is an AI tool that helps you assess compliance of your policy documents with various environmental, social and governance (ESG) policies.

Currently, the tool supports the following topics: Human Rights, Fair Competition, Taxation, Bribery, Bribe solicitation and Extortion. These focus areas correspond to the Minimum Safeguards of the EU Taxonomy. Learn more.

What is ESG Doc Chat?

Briink's ESG Doc chat is an AI tool that allows you to interact in real time with ESG and Sustainability documents, including Annual Reports, human rights policies, and any other document containing information about a company's approach to environmental, social, economic (ESG) and governance issues.

You can use ESG Doc Chat by simply uploading documents, and submitting questions about its contents to extract the data you need. The AI tool will generate answers to your questions based on the information contained in the document, and provide sources to each answer. Learn more.

Is my company data safe on Briink?

Yes. At Briink, we take the safety of our customer’s data very seriously. We recently issued our SOC 2®Report which provides an external audit that demonstrates we are meeting the security commitments we have made to our customers.

You can learn more on our security page.