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EU Taxonomy

We help private equity firms and companies automate EU Taxonomy and SFDR assessments with ease.

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Briink for Private Equity

  • Screen target assets to evaluate their Taxonomy potential. Automate ESG due diligence assessments to make impactful investment decisions. Generate templates for your Article 8 or Article 9 fund reporting.

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Briink EU Taxonomy Reporting tool

Briink for Companies

  • Leverage the scale of AI to increase your EU Taxonomy eligibility and alignment scores, and perform guided assessments via our digital reporting solutions.

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Briink EU Taxonomy Alignment AI tool

Our technology helps you gather and analyze your sustainability and financial data, and draw out actionable insights for your company, loan portfolio, or Article 8 and Article 9 fund. 

Future-proof your business.

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10x faster
than manual EU Taxonomy assessments,
according to our customers.