Collect the ESG data of any company with AI.

Briink helps you get a comprehensive overview of the ESG performance of any company in minutes - by harnessing information stored in company documents and websites.

Find gaps in your policies, with AI.

Do your company policies tick all the boxes? With Briink, it takes minutes to find out.

Briink ESG Policy Screener helps you assess your documents for good governance, and create a fully compliant report, automatically.
Be in good company:
Continental logoLightrockMerantix AG

For ESG auditors

Briink empowers ESG auditors to reduce human errors by enhancing ESG data verification and assurance with AI.

  • Automated policy gap analyses
  • Instantaneous data verification and extraction from company reports and websites
  • Transparent and user-friendly results review process

The potential for AI in this space is why we decided to choose Briink as our long term partner.

Briink is partnering with Holtara, an advisory platform with a focus on ESG bringing together experts from Apex Group and MJ Hudson, to ehance its market-leading ESG advisory services with AI.
Joshua Brunert, Global Head of ESG products at Holtara

Joshua Brunert

Global Head of ESG products at Holtara

For supply chain and procurement specialists

Collect ESG insights from suppliers, simply and accurately.

  • Verify supplier self-reported ESG data
  • Pre-screen suppliers' adherence to ESG metrics and global standards
  • Streamline supplier data collection with custom integrations and APIs

Briink was able to find a solution tailored to our needs.

Briink helped Continental AG (ContiTech), a leading multinational supplier of automotive and industrial products, with good governance and ESG assessments within its upstream supply chain.
Domink Luenig, Sustainability Specialist at Continental

Dominik Lünig

Sustainability Specialist at Continental AG (ContiTech)

For asset managers

Get the full picture of the ESG performance of assets and target investment:

  • Simplify ESG due diligence questionnaires
  • Put evidence-gathering for compliance in autopilot
  • Manage your investment data safely

We see a lot of value in Briink for funds with a large number of investments.

Briink helped Lightrock, a global private equity platform, devote 30% more time to impact-making.
Dr. Marc Moser, Head of Impact at Lightrock.

Dr. Marc Moser

Head of Impact at Lightrock

Auto-complete ESG data requests with Briink's ESG Questionnaire Assistant

Scale your ESG efforts to achieve more depth.

Briink revolutionizes your approach to ESG: by helping you surface hundreds of ESG KPIs from documents and websites faster than any human analyst, it saves you time to look more closely into each individual metric.

Supercharge ESG engagements with pre-filled questionnaires.

Whether you want to boost ESG supplier engagement, or to get a quick sense of where your clients stand, you can use Briink to pre-fill any set of ESG questions or KPIs in minutes.

  • Extract unlimited ESG metrics from websites and PDFs in minutes
  • Ready-to-use questionnaire templates (e.g. for the CSRD or the SFDR), or create your own (e.g. EcoVadis)
  • Edit, format, and export your questionnaires with ease

Find gaps in policies in no time.

Company policies are increasingly subject to regulatory scrutiny. With Briink’s Good Governance Screener, you can identify gaps in your policies in just a few minutes.

  • Generate a full gap analysis of your company policies based on the EU Taxonomy Minimum Safeguards
  • Easily verify analysis thanks to robust supporting evidence
  • Export your results in a neatly organized spreadsheet

Bring document analysis to the next level.

Sometimes you need to go beyond the surface - but CTRL+F will only bring you so far. With Briink, you can ask ESG questions directly to your documents.

  • Summarize information spread across multiple documents and webpages
  • Ask follow-up questions for more granular insights
  • Extract data in a neatly-organized, flexible tables, .xsl and .csv

Learn why ESG innovators choose Briink.

Our tools help businesses across three industries get things done,

Frequently Asked Questions

Have more burning questions about Briink? Visit the FAQs in our knowledge base.

What sets Briink apart from generic AI tools?

Unlike generalist language models and PDF AI tools, Briink is designed specifically to extract data based on ESG and sustainability-specific KPIs.

Our models have been fine-tuned using Briink's proprietary dataset, and they are >30% more accurate than ChatGPT on ESG and sustainability KPIs. Our tools also hallucinate significantly less than generic AI tools, when confronted with ESG topics.

We also provide source references throughout, making our tools great for the verification of self-reported ESG data.

What is ESG Questionnaire Assistant?

The ESG Questionnaire Assistant leverages AI to semi-instantly complete ESG questionnaires by extracting insights from documents such as Annual Reports, Financial Statements, CSR Documents, etc.

Learn more.

What is Good Governance Screener?

Briink’s Good Governance Screener harnesses AI to screen written social and governance policies, to identify gaps and areas of improvement.

Currently, the tool supports the following topics: Human Rights, Fair Competition, Taxation, Bribery, Bribe solicitation and Extortion. These focus areas correspond to the Minimum Safeguards of the EU Taxonomy.

Learn more.

What is ESG Doc Chat?

Briink's ESG Doc chat allows you to extract ESG KPIs from documents in PDF format, such as Annual Reports, Human Rights policies, and Sustainability Reports.

ESG Doc chat works like a chatbot. You can use ESG Doc Chat by simply uploading documents, and submitting questions about its contents to extract the data you need.

ESG Doc Chat also provides sources that you can use as evidence for compliance or auditing purposes.

Learn more.

Is my company data safe on Briink?

Yes. At Briink, we take the safety of our customer’s data very seriously.

Our SOC 2®Report provides an external audit that demonstrates we are meeting the security commitments we have made to our customers.

You can learn more on our security page.