Assess your EU Taxonomy potential, confidently.

At Briink, we harness AI to let you transform actual company data into EU Taxonomy KPIs. So that you can identify green revenues and gain a competitive advantage within your industry.

Briink helps you source companies that are truly green across your supply chain.
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Go beyond just reporting.

Our AI helps you sift through hard-to-access unstructured data from multiple sources, so that you can dive deeper into the sustainability of your business.


AI-powered document scanning for EU Taxonomy insights & green revenue opportunities.

10x faster

Audit-proof EU Taxonomy reporting completed in days, not months.


Over 30.000 pages of connected regulatory data in one single view.

Report 10x faster.

Reporting is just one step of your sustainability journey. Understand and achieve EU Taxonomy compliance in days, not months.

  • Clear step-by-step digital reporting workflow

  • Easy-to-generate and compliant EU Taxonomy reports from your actual data

  • Export-ready in various formats, including PDF and Excel

Briink helps investors perform ESG due diligence and pre-investment assessments on their portfolio companies at scale.
Briink helps you source companies that are truly green across your supply chain.

Find green revenue within your supply chain.

Sift through mountains of actual company data to understand where you and your suppliers stand in your path to net-zero.

  • Automated data-mining from internal documents, websites, reports

  • Automated upstream & downstream Taxonomy analysis

  • Easy monitoring system of progress towards ESG goals

More control, less overhead.

Neverending email chains and spreadsheets are a thing of the past. Collaborate effortlessly on ESG projects, in one place.

  • Customizable user management and task assignment system

  • Automatic hyperlinking to connected regulations

  • Timely in-app customer support

Briink's platform allows you to manage users and tasks seamlessly.
Briink complies with the latest data security standards

Don’t leave data safety to chance.

At Briink, we know that your data is your greatest asset. That’s why we take its security seriously.

  • SOC 2® compliant

  • Secure Cloud data storage

  • Fast in-app security support

Briink helps you identify the relevant activities as well as criteria that apply to each investment. At the same time, it clearly outlines the data gaps that need to be filled and the potential steps to take to reach alignment with the EU Taxonomy.

Dr. Marc Moser, Head of Impact at Lightrock

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