Frequently asked questions

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What makes you different from other ESG reporting platforms?

First, our AI-native philosophy. With the explosion of LLMs like GPT-3 and GPT-4, it might be tempting to just follow the hype and sprinkle some AI in the mix. At Briink, AI is part of our DNA: located in the AI Campus Berlin, and backed by the world’s first AI venture studio Merantix, we have access to a network of AI engineers and sustainability experts.

Second, our custom approach. Most ESG reporting software offer off-the-shelf solutions with limited customization options. But each organization has a unique approach to ESG reporting, as well as bespoke internal processes and workflows. At Briink, we treat ESG reporting as a service, not as the next feature. Our solutions can be tailored to your needs and complemented with expert advisory, so that we’ll become an extension of your internal ESG team and not just the next supplier.

How does your AI ESG Toolbox work?

Our AI ESG Toolbox enables sustainable finance teams and sustainability knowledge workers to interpret complex regulations, collect and verify the quality of ESG data, and drive critical investment decisions through advanced analytics.

Our ESG Policy Screener is the first completely free feature available in the Toolbox. You can try it for free on our platform.

Which ESG reporting frameworks do you support?

Our in-house reporting software currently supports the EU Taxonomy and Principal Adverse Impact indicators (PAIs) reporting.

However, we know that each organization has unique ESG reporting needs, and we can build a bespoke solution that matches yours. If your needs go beyond the frameworks listed above, we’d love to hear from you.

What's your pricing?

You can find more information about our pricing on our plans & pricing page.

Do you offer free trials?

We don’t currently offer free trials, but you can get a time-limited taster of our software and advisory capabilities, at a small fee.

You can request it here.