13 nationalities.
1 single goal.

At Briink, we want to show that there is a better way to do business. Join us on our mission to make sustainable finance simple, equitable and data-driven.

The Briink team, from left to right: 
Hesam Bayat, Roosa Hämäläinen, Toby Sparwasser Soroka, Vibha Rao, Carla Nassisi, Claire Courtejoie, Andrea Quattrocchi, Samuel King, Benjamin Howard-Cooper, Tomas van der Heijden, Sabine Scheidemann, Olga Rabo, Tazegul Taganova, Tim Schober, Reynier Garcia

Our values are more than just words.

We are mission-led.

We’re a passionate team working in tandem to better the world.

We are leaders.

We strive to lead the change we want to see in the world.

We are trustworthy.

We do what we say, openly and honestly.

We are problem-solvers.

We tackle real-world problems through technology.

We are human.

We say what we say in a way everyone understands.

Open positions

If you think you are right for one of these roles but don’t meet all of the requirements, we's love to hear from you!

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