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Learn how our customized tech solutions can streamline your unique ESG consulting and advisory efforts.

Briink helps investors perform ESG due diligence and pre-investment assessments on their portfolio companies at scale.
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Let our AI do the heavy-lifting for you.

Our ESG Policy Screener helps you analyze documents and break down complex regulatory passages into simple terms and action items, so that you don’t have to start your policy analyses from scratch .


Put data collection, KPI calculation and document analysis in auto-pilot.


We don’t believe in “one-size-fits-all”. We build customizable tools that meet your unique needs.


Our ESG reporting advisory solutions have tech at their core, but are designed by humans, for humans.  

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Domink Luenig, Sustainability Specialist at Continental
Here’s how I would describe the Briink team: cooperative, fast communication, flexible, open for any discussions, and up-to-date. We were able to grow together with them to find a solution tailored to our needs.

Dominik Lünig, Sustainability Specialist, Continental

AI-powered solutions, for your unique needs.

We build AI assistants powered by LLMs and trained on ESG regulatory text. Analyze documents, break down complex and interconnected regulatory passages in simple terms, and generate personalized reporting roadmaps.

Briink helps investors report on the EU Taxonomy eligibility and alignment of their Article 8, 8+ and 9 funds.
Briink helps you find evidence for sustainable activities

Ditch spreadsheets. Focus on impact.

Whether you advise companies or financial market participants, we automate the most tedious parts of your ESG data collection, reporting and document analysis efforts, so that you can focus on providing unique strategic insights into trends & regulations.

Don’t choose between quality and automation.

We combine the flexibility and level of customization of a managed service, with the automation capabilities of an AI-first SaaS solution.

Briink's platform allows you to manage users and tasks seamlessly.
Briink complies with the latest data security standards

Trustworty & ethical.

Trustworthiness is key when it comes to embracing innovation. Our models adhere to the latest ethical AI standards and guidelines, and we make sure that your sensitive data is in good hands.

We're also SOC 2® attested, and offer secure cloud data storage as well as fast security support. Visit our security page to learn more:

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The ultimate guide to SFDR reporting:

Who does PAI reporting apply to? What’s the difference between an Article 8 and 8+ fund? What is “equivalent information”? Our essential SFDR white paper covers everything you should know about the EU's flagship sustainable finance regulation.

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Our tools help businesses across three industries get things done,

Frequently Asked Questions

Have more burning questions about Briink? Visit the FAQs in our knowledge base.

What sets Briink apart from generic AI tools?

Unlike generalist language models and PDF AI tools, Briink is designed specifically to extract data based on ESG and sustainability-specific KPIs.

Our models have been fine-tuned using Briink's proprietary dataset, and they are >30% more accurate than ChatGPT on ESG and sustainability KPIs. Our tools also hallucinate significantly less than generic AI tools, when confronted with ESG topics.

We also provide source references throughout, making our tools great for the verification of self-reported ESG data.

What is ESG Questionnaire Assistant?

The ESG Questionnaire Assistant leverages AI to semi-instantly complete ESG questionnaires by extracting insights from documents such as Annual Reports, Financial Statements, CSR Documents, etc.

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What is Good Governance Screener?

Briink’s Good Governance Screener harnesses AI to screen written social and governance policies, to identify gaps and areas of improvement.

Currently, the tool supports the following topics: Human Rights, Fair Competition, Taxation, Bribery, Bribe solicitation and Extortion. These focus areas correspond to the Minimum Safeguards of the EU Taxonomy.

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What is ESG Doc Chat?

Briink's ESG Doc chat allows you to extract ESG KPIs from documents in PDF format, such as Annual Reports, Human Rights policies, and Sustainability Reports.

ESG Doc chat works like a chatbot. You can use ESG Doc Chat by simply uploading documents, and submitting questions about its contents to extract the data you need.

ESG Doc Chat also provides sources that you can use as evidence for compliance or auditing purposes.

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Is my company data safe on Briink?

Yes. At Briink, we take the safety of our customer’s data very seriously.

Our SOC 2®Report provides an external audit that demonstrates we are meeting the security commitments we have made to our customers.

You can learn more on our security page.