Scan your portfolio for true impact.

Assess the EU Taxonomy alignment of target investments and portfolio companies with ease. Automate your Article 8 and Article 9 fund data gathering and reporting.
Learn how we help you at each stage of the reporting journey:

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    AI-powered EU Taxonomy Alignment Scanner

    • Efficiently scan target companies' websites for preliminary alignment assessments
    • Identify targets with high Taxonomy alignment potential
    • Analyze multiple target companies' data at once

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    Briink's AI-powered EU Taxonomy Eligibility and Alignment Scanner


    Guided EU Taxonomy due diligence assessments

    • Automate virtual data room Taxonomy risk and opportunity analysis
    • Integrate Taxonomy screening into your due diligence reports
    • Stay up-to-date with EU sustainable finance developments

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    Briink's digital workflow can walk you through your EU Taxonomy reporting requirements


    Automate Article 8 and Article 9 fund reporting

    • Visualize the EU Taxonomy performance of your portfolio and export all the relevant insights
    • Confidently share your portfolio analyses with key stakeholders and LPs
    • Benchmark your portfolio companies' sustainability metrics

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    Briink's customized dashboard for SFDR-labeled sustainable funds


    Keep your data safe, in one single place

    • Delete data any time, on your own terms
    • Google Cloud Platform secure
    • SOC2 (TI) certification in process

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    Briink's SOC2 data security certification is in process
    10x faster
    Compared to manual EU Taxonomy assessments, according to our customers.

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