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Apex Group, a leading global financial services provider, will leverage Briink’s innovative AI-powered solutions for EU Taxonomy and SFDR reporting to enhance its market-leading ESG advisory services. 

In an effort to promote ESG transparency and combat greenwashing, the EU has unveiled the EU Taxonomy and SFDR as part of the Green Deal initiative, with the goal of achieving a climate-neutral economy by 2050. These regulations mandate that managers of Article 8, 8+ and 9 funds, as well as their portfolio companies, now collect and disclose significant volumes of ESG data. 

Apex Group’s EU Taxonomy Solution, launched as part of Apex Group’s ESG Impact Month, provides a five-step process, enabling clients to assess and improve Taxonomy alignment credentials and prevent greenwashing. Briink's technology helps Apex Group's clients to save time on EU Taxonomy reporting, meet LP demand, and improve their portfolio companies' ESG performance, helping them become leaders in the transition to net zero emissions.

"We're thrilled to work with Apex Group to help them make their ESG and EU Taxonomy services even more scalable," said Tomas van der Heijden, co-founder and CEO at Briink. "Our technology streamlines the reporting process and provides fund managers with more accurate and timely information about the environmental impacts of their portfolio companies and steer them towards business models that have a positive impact on the planet."

Briink's platform leverages Natural Language Processing (NLP) to automate EU Taxonomy eligibility and alignment analysis, and supports fund managers and their portfolio companies in the collection and analysis of ESG insights from unstructured data sources, such as life-cycle assessments, governance policies, energy usage tables, water consumption logs, etc.

Joshua Brunert, Global Head of ESG product at Apex Group comments: “The EU Taxonomy is one of the most powerful frameworks for encouraging and enabling the allocation of capital towards sustainable business activities. With over twenty green taxonomies in varying stages of development worldwide, our partnership with Briink will help our in-scope clients to accurately collect relevant data more accurately and efficiently.”

About Briink

Briink is a mission-driven SaaS company based in Berlin. Its platform harnesses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to make ESG and EU Taxonomy reporting more scalable and actionable for companies and financial market participants. Briink enables companies and funds to extract and analyze sustainability and financial data faster than ever before, helping investors fund a better future, confidently.

About Apex Group

Apex Group Ltd., established in Bermuda in 2003, is a global financial services provider. With over 80 offices worldwide and 11,000 employees in 38 countries, Apex Group delivers an expansive range of services to asset managers, financial institutions, private clients and family offices. The Group has continually improved and evolved its capabilities to offer a single-source solution through establishing the broadest range of services in the industry; including fund services, digital onboarding and bank accounts, depositary, custody, super ManCo services, corporate services including HR and Payroll and a pioneering ESG Ratings and Advisory solution. Apex Group’s purpose is to be more than just a financial services provider and is committed to driving positive change to address three core areas; the Environment and Climate Change, Women’s Empowerment and Economic Independence, Education and Social Mobility.

Join over 400 GPs and 1,200 portfolio companies in more than 45 countries who are already using Apex Group’s award-winning ESG services, to report on their investments in-line with ESG standards and regulations.

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