The problem: Assessing large volumes of unstructured documentation within supply chains for ESG information

As part of its ESG commitments, Continental reports annually on its sustainability profile, including assessments of the sustainability of its supply chains and percentage of eligible green EU taxonomy revenue. However, they face challenges including high demands on data availability and quality, ambiguous regulatory requirements, and huge manual workload screening unstructured supply chain documentation. In 2021, Continental officially reported 2.9% Taxonomy-eligible revenue.

ContiTech, a group sector of Continental Group, is a global supplier for the automotive and industrial applications industry. ContiTech is known for its forward-thinking approach to sustainability and for pioneering environmentally friendly and intelligent products and systems for the automotive industry, railway engineering, mining, agriculture and other key industries.

Briink’s AI- Powered ESG Scanning & ESG Document Analysis Solutions

ContiTech leveraged Briink’s AI-powered tools to assess large volumes of supply chain data and assess potential good governance risks and eligible EU taxonomy revenue. In addition, ContiTech received continuous  support from Briink’s team of Sustainable Finance experts to  review the outputs, and develop tailored improvement  recommendation reports. ContiTech reported time-savings of up to 8 hours per supply chain assessment. 

Here’s how I would describe the Briink team: cooperative, fast communication, flexible, open for any discussions, and up-to-date. We were able to grow together with them to find a solution tailored to our needs.

Dominik Lünig, Sustainability Specialist at Continental

ESG document assessment automation as a driver for green growth

Briink enabled ContiTech to perform granular analysis of its clients’ sustainability profiles in a resource efficient way, allowing them to understand their role in enabling the green economy. ContiTech reported that Briink’s AI tools identified a substantially higher number of Taxonomy-eligible and aligned business activities than in previous manual processes. Stronger Taxonomy KPIs boost Continental’s attractiveness to green investors and engagement with their value chain and stakeholders.

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