The problem: Gathering and analyzing data, efficiently

Evaluating certain ESG metrics, including good governance, emissions disclosures, and EU Taxonomy alignment can open up new opportunities for secondaries’ investors. But data access and asset-level engagement is often restricted in secondary markets. When Coller Capital tried to evaluate large sums of unstructured data from its top 20 asset-level exposures in-house, it was quickly confronted by significant challenges.

Coller Capital is one of the largest global investors in the private capital secondary market. Founded in 1990 by the UK-based investor and philanthropist Jeremy Coller, Coller Capital has become an ESG leader in the secondaries market and continues to innovate.

Briink’s AI- Powered ESG Scanning & Assessment platform

Utilizing Briink’s AI-Powered ESG Scanning & Assessment platform, Coller Capital was able to screen their top 20 asset-level exposures for good governance, emissions disclosures, and EU taxonomy evidence 10 times faster. It was also provided with a clear and auditable evidence trail that it could use for engagement with funds. 

When it comes to selecting providers, it's not just about the tech. It often comes down to the personality, people, and cultural fit - and that's where Briink really fit our expectations.

Adam Black, Partner, Head of ESG and Sustainability, Coller Capital

The result: Multiplying stakeholders engagement

Briink’s screening results enabled Coller Capital to gather higher-quality, granular data on the ESG performance of their assets. Coller Capital will move forward in using these AI-powered findings to develop future ESG-related assessment processes, demonstrate commitment to ESG leadership with LPs for their Taxonomy-related queries, and increase engagement with portfolio GPs around sustainability and SFDR performance.

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