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Briink, a leading ESG data analytics and reporting platform, and nyonic, a developer of trustworthy and data privacy-focused foundational models, today announced a strategic partnership to develop innovative LLM solutions to support ESG data management workflows. 

Through this partnership, Briink and nyonic will co-develop market disrupting solutions that enable businesses to harness the power of LLMs to support their ESG analysis. This partnership introduces a novel approach to our shared clients: foundation models built for industry that meet high ethical and legal standards, while addressing the needs of our multilingual and multicultural society. 

This co-developed project will leverage the strength of nyonic’s large-scale language model capabilities with Briink’s proven ability to develop comprehensive LLM solutions for ESG teams across sectors and geographies. 

Over the next months, the teams will work together to co-develop solutions to support the underserved market of trustworthy B2B LLM applications for sustainability teams. Briink and nyonic count companies from the world of finance, consulting, legal and corporates as their clients.  They are understandably concerned that the rise of AI technology will create substantial data privacy issues. Together, Briink and nyonic will provide tools that meet these specific needs. 

“Our collaboration with nyonic will help our customers in Europe answer their most pressing ESG data needs - whether that is the context of regulation or general data management. The Briink - nyonic partnership will drive real value through the integration of data privacy focused AI technologies” said Tomas van der Heijden, CEO of Briink. 

“The application of generative AI and LLM to ESG data will contribute to on-demand, precise and holistic ESG monitoring and reporting.  Nyonic considers this partnership as a great opportunity to harness the industrial focus of our foundation models” said Dr. Feiyu Xu, CIO & Co-Founder at nyonic.

“Large Language Models will fundamentally transform the way businesses operate. We are excited to drive the adoption of this new technology together with Briink to support its important mission to make the future of business more sustainable,” added Dr. Johannes Otterbach, CTO & Co-Founder at nyonic.

To book a demo of the Briink solutions and for any additional information about Briink, visit our website:

About Briink

Briink develops LLM applications for ESG teams at asset managers, corporates, law firms, and ESG advisory firms, including solutions centered around new EU ESG regulations including the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation, Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive, and EU taxonomy. 

About nyonic

Nyonic is on a mission to build trustworthy foundation models tailored to the needs of the European industry and business landscape. 

Press contacts:

nyonic: Vanessa Cann, Co-Founder & CEO Europe |

Briink: Carla Nassisi, Growth Marketing Manager |